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Make your customers' digital experience extraordinary.

Involve them.

CRM the customer at the center

From the customer lifecycle to the pipeline analysis,
from marketing to after-sales.

On open technology.

Why Open Square CRM

Accessible from web browser, smartphone or tablet, to effectively manage information

from the relationship with customers to the pipeline, marketing, sales and after-sales.


A warranty for the customets

Solution accessible both on premises and cloud, keeping data safe and granting a growing path for your business.

Open technology

High level customization. Guaranteed effectiveness, fast, decent and innovative approach

Continuous support

Guaranteed support along the whole strategy definition process. From the idea to the solution implementation.


Improves the knowledge about your Customers and the relationships among People and Companies.

Analyzes companies and competitor products, creating focused marketing campaigns.

Shares the company information creating synergy in the Sales Team

Plans and traces ventures, campaigns and aimed marketing campaigns.

Traces the whole sales-process licefycle, from the initial Leads to the Sales Orders.

Increases the Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.

Open Square CRM

It grows with your needs

Modular and extendable, Open Square CRM is thought to help you innovate and automate your processes with the speed you prefer.

Open Source inside: openCRX

According to our philosophy, CRM own an Open Source heart.

SMC is since 2011 partner and contributor of openCRX, a leader in the market.


It is the basic module containing:

  • The whole foundation technical structure
  • The whole database: records and catalogues
  • All the function needed to the platform: webmail and calendar

Request a demo to see the app in action

Marketing Automation

Automates the marketing activities:

  • Manages the lead life cycle, individual marketing aactions and massive campaigns
  • Organizes the contacts aquired or gathered on events or fairs
  • Manages and automatically monitors the answers to the marketing campaigns
  • Make more effective your strategy to gain more sales opportunities

Request a demo to see the app in action

Sales Force Automation

For the sales department processes:

  • For creating the offer and loading the customer sales orders
  • Manages the meeting calendar and all the activities on the customers
  • It can be web-integrated with B2B and B2C ssales applications
  • It can be integrated with external applications for calendar management

Request a demo to see the app in action

Customer Support Service

After-sales activities and customer support:

  • Manages the lifecycle of all the requests
  • Full control over the customer service and a better business interaction
  • Enforces customers' loyalty and sales opportunities about up-and-cross selling
  • It can be web-integrated with B2B, B2C and e‐Commerce applications

Request a demo to see our app in action

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