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The SMC's Team

Photo of Gianluca Dario, front end engineer at SMC


A lifetime performance
in the Information Technology

We have started more than 30 years ago to improve our customers' performance.
We keep on doing it day by day: also for you and your company.

The difference we create

Technologies, software and consultancy are not our goal.
Our goal is you business growth.

A difference that makes the difference.

The people we believe in

We believe in people wo are enthusiastic of improvement. People who love the challenge, first of all with themselves.

If you are here, then you are one of them.

Join our team!

Scopri come diventare Partner

  Making you competitive, helping you to differentiate and have success, this is the ultimate sense of our work. 

Ing. Riccardo D'Avella, founder of SMC

We create real solutions, not just software. We do it using always the most advances open source developing technolgies.

We pay great attention to the user experience and to how easy our solutions are introduced and integrated in your company.

We are Liferay Platinum Partner, the most reliable and evolved platform for creating business portals.

We have created Open Square, a complete IT solution for middle-sized and big companies. We have given contribution to the birth of RIOS, the Italian Open SourceNetwork (Rete Italiana Open Source).

+ 30 years
of research

+ 400 customers
in Europe

+100 professionals
at your disposal





We work aimed at increasing the competitiveness and growth of small, medium and great companies and public adminstration,
with always up-to-date technologies


We are partners of international software companies, network consortiums,
consultancy companies.



We have gained certifications in many technical areas, in the developing and integration of famous platforms

Group companies

The SMC Group is made of different companies, some of them controlled, other participated, each one a center of specific kills.